European Economic Congress 2013
Tentative scope of topics/agenda

May 13th, 2013
Centrum Kultury Katowice im. Krystyny Bochenek

Inaugural session - The Europe of growth. The future of the European economy

  • How to stimulate economic growth and take care of the job market?
  • What can be the catalyst for the growth of the European economy?
  • How to build its competitiveness and what to rest it upon?
    • The common market
    • Structural reforms
    • The European Union Budget and the Europe 2020 strategy
  • The consequences of the EU climate and energy package for the prospects of industrial development and the competitiveness of the economy in Europe
  • The vision of the deindustrialization of Europe – should it be innovative manufacturing?
  • The potential results of the “industrial flight”
  • Towards a compromise – an economy based on modern, innovative and clean industrial manufacturing

Cooperation and cohesion. Central Europe in the European Union

  • Partnership in the Visegrád Group (V4) and the possibilities of developing this structure
  • Common interests, common stances, common projects – regional cooperation that conduces to the integration of the whole EU
  • The new financial prospect for the EU and the strategic development objectives of the countries

May 13th, 2013
Centrum Kultury Katowice im. Krystyny Bochenek

Go Global! World, Europe, Africa. Time for New Deal

  • The Role of Europe in the Contemporary World – Illusions, Reality and Assets
  • The European Union’s Cooperation and Competitiveness in Comparison to the Most Dynamic  Economies in the World
  • Europe Open to the World. Expansion - on What Conditions?
  • Changes on the World Economic Map. Areas of Dynamic Growth. Africa’s “Golden Age”?
  • Sources of the African Economic Boom. Possibilities of Releasing of the Potential
  • Economy and Safety. Common Future for Africa and Europe?
  • Central Europe and Africa – Beginnings of Special Relations

May 13th, 2013
Centrum Kultury Katowice im. Krystyny Bochenek

European Union’s Development Policy. New perspectives in financing the development 2013-2020

May 13th, 2013
Centrum Kultury Katowice im. Krystyny Bochenek

The future of the Eurozone

  • The Eurozone as a political project from the sharp crisis to system changes
  • Corrective actions that have been undertaken – the evaluation of their first results
  • Further integration of the euro area Plans and scenarios for the development of the situation 

May 13th, 2013
Centrum Kultury Katowice im. Krystyny Bochenek

Energy in Europe – in search of a partnership

May 13th, 2013
Silesian Voivodeship Office

Africa – Central Europe Economic Cooperation Forum

Inauguration with the participation of Ministers from Central Europe as well as government and business representatives of African countries

May 13th, 2013
Korez Theatre (the building of: Centrum Kultury Katowice im. Krystyny Bochenek)

Sustainable investments – Culture pays!

  • Sustainability – for culture and business
  • Possible alliances between artists, cultural managers and businessmen
  • CSR, corporate volunteering, artistic interventions – examples of building a two-way, mutually profitable relation
  • Non-finance methods and possibilities of cooperation between business and culture, as well as possible scenarios for the future
  • Models of cooperation – a case study (confrontations)

May 13th, 2013
Korez Theatre (the building of: Centrum Kultury Katowice im. Krystyny Bochenek)

Is it possible to count on culture?

  • Creative industries – a debate in the EU
  • Cultural industries (called intellectual industries) – the most dynamically evolving sector in contemporary economy
  • When does culture become a business and when can business be called creative entrepreneurship? How far can go the process of the worlds of culture and business intermingling with each other?
  • Models of cooperation – a case study (confrontations)

May 13th, 2013
Novotel Katowice Centrum Hotel

The Nationwide Meeting of Health Protection Managers - Main problems and the health policy strategy

  • A presentation of selected draft laws that regulate the health protection system in Poland
  • The future of healthcare provision funding in the context of the planned decentralization of Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia (National Health Fund)
  • Possibilities of coordinating the actions of various founding bodies and health protection entities at a regional level. Creating regional health policy strategies – the new role of Voivodes.
  • Financial condition of stationary treatment institutions – incomes, liabilities and restructuring processes in selected healthcare entities
  • Exemplary transformations of health protection units and plans concerning the change of the legal form of hospitals’ activity
  • Hospital insurance
  • Possibilities of acquiring incomes besides the contracts with NFZ. The present and potential scope of extended coverage insurance

May 13th, 2013
Novotel Katowice Centrum Hotel

The Nationwide Meeting of Health Protection Managers - Medication management in a hospital

  • Hospital sector on the pharmaceutical market – the current state, as well as trends and prospects
  • Medication share in the budget of a healthcare entity; the possibilities of group purchases of medicinal products to be completed by hospitals
  • Medication management in a hospital, including the use of IT solutions
  • Biosimilars as an alternative to innovative biological medications:
    • the scale of savings arising from the use of follow-on biologics
    • safe use of biological medications

May 13th, 2013
Novotel Katowice Centrum Hotel

The Nationwide Meeting of Health Protection Managers - Investments and sources of their funding in medical institutions

  • Investments in the modernization and equipment of health protection facilities; a presentation of selected investment undertakings
  • Financial, organizational and legal challenges related to indispensable implementations within the scope of information technologies in health protection units
  • Purchases of apparatus and equipment for medical institutions in the context of the public procurement law; criteria for the evaluation of offers vs. financial needs and potential of a hospital
  • Experience and possibilities related to the outsourcing of selected services in health protection units
  • Examples of acquiring funds for investments in healthcare entities.
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