In the course of its four editions, the European Economic Congress has become unquestionably the most prominent business event in the central part of Europe. What used to be the ambition of the organizers of the Congress not so long ago, now has become a fact: the common voice of Central Europe rings out stronger and stronger from Katowice, from Silesia, from Poland. Guests from the countries of our region of Europe, represented in large numbers in the group of Participants, have already started to regard the Congress as their own event, identifying themselves with its idea and becoming, to our particular satisfaction, the ambassadors of the Congress project and message in their countries.

In 2013, the European Economic Congress is aiming at getting closer than ever to the issues that are important for Central Europe. The Roadshow 2013 project, as part of which two conferences – in Bratislava (on February 28) and in Prague (on April 8) – took place, served to achieve that goal. Both conferences were attended by representatives of governments, government agencies and business of Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. During the conferences, the possibilities of deepening the cooperation between the countries, as well as the stances of individual countries towards the challenges of the European policy were discussed.

The main arguments put forward during the Roadshow 2013 will be elaborated on at the 5th European Economic Congress in Katowice.

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