EEC supports Hospicjum Cordis (Cordis Hospice)

During the 5th European Economic Congress, the charity workers of the Cordis Hospice will be collecting funds for persons suffering from cancer. We encourage you to support this initiative.

Społeczne Towarzystwo Hospicjum Cordis (Cordis Hospice) has existed for 22 years. It has been the first stationary hospice in southern Poland to offer care for both adults and children during the terminal stage of cancer, as well as in the course of incurable chronic diseases. Two years ago, the Hospice moved to its new residence, fully adapted to the needs of the disabled. 6 thousand cubic metres of the building’s cubic volume house rehabilitation halls with modern equipment, individual and family psychotherapy halls, as well as music therapy rooms. Sick children also have the Hall of Discovering the World at their disposal.

However, that is not all, for the Cordis Hospice also provides home nursing care. Medical practitioners and nurses are able to reach patients within 100 km of the Hospice, making several dozen home visits a day. The patient care is totally free of charge because the patients of the Hospice and their families often find themselves in a very difficult financial situation after a long and costly treatment. At the moment, the Cordis Hospice offers both stationary care and home nursing care to around 65 sick adults and around 20 children. Three children deprived of parental custody are staying here on a permanent basis. Six toddlers are under constant medical and rehabilitation care. The staff of the Hospice strives to provide a true home, full of warmth and joy, as well as safe childhood for its youngest patients.

But all this costs a great deal of money... However, only as little as 60% of the costs are covered by Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia (National Health Fund). The Hospice strives to pay the rest with funds acquired from Benefactors and charitable initiatives that it organizes.

The needs are huge: from medicines and disposable nappies to wound dressings to the payment of bills for the utilities. Without the support of Goodwill People it would be difficult to handle all this...

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